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Interesting take on expectations

“The only reason why people are upset is that their expectation hasn’t been met.”

“I heard a similar saying before from other thought leaders and during a Buddhist meditation camp several years ago. I still enjoy the author’s take on the topic. I think understanding our expectations is a great way to be more at peace with ourselves. This is a quick easy read, not super in-depth or too philosophical.”

– T. Huang (Amazon Review)

Succinct and fresh perspective

“This author delivers a fresh perspective on expectations in a succinct, and breezy style. I found it interesting to learn that some people think of expectations as future resentments. The best takeaway from this quick read is the discussion of how to use one’s anger over unmet expectations to adjust one’s actions and thinking in order to reach desired goals.”

-Rozsa (Amazon Review)

Informative and Eye-Opening

“This book does a good job of delving into expectations and how they affect us. The author stresses that it’s never wrong to have expectations, whether good or bad. We all have them and its fine. I have to admit that I believe he’s right. This is a good read that you can finish in a day and it certainly opened some doors for me. Looking forward to more of his work!”

– Anthony (Amazon Review)

Upset or Not?

“In this book you learn that your expectations come from your past. If you have a negative expectation like I’m no good in school, then you subconsciously think you won’t do well and you choose actions that fulfill your expectations. To change these outcomes you first have to be aware that you are thinking this way, focus on the present to see more clearly how your subconscious thoughts affect outcomes and finally create a new reality by choosing different actions; in this case you might choose different friends or study harder.

I would highly recommend this book if you are upset about something and you want turn that something into not being upset!”

-Thomas (Amazon Review)

Approachable and easy to digest

“What to Expect When Having Expectations is very easy-to-read, easy-to-understand primer for how we think, the biases and expectations we have in us, and ways that we can learn to notice, cope, and have a healthier relationship with those expectations. As with any book like this, the first thing I do is look at the author’s credentials, which made me wary at first, but despite not being any sort of clinical psychologist or anything like that, this book still nails some truths about the human condition. It’s no substitute for the harder work one might do in therapy or after years of holistic self-reflection, but it is a great primer that might get your brain thinking in the right direction. For those who are just dipping their toes into why they get upset when they don’t want to, or why their perspective on life isn’t quite attuned to their goals, this book is a good place to start.”

-JPB (Amazon Review)